Knitted Computer Privacy Hood

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Continue knitting the rectangle past the sleeves, and do a few increases now and again so your hands will have room to move around on the keyboard. I increased 5 stitches every other row for 8 rows. Keep knitting until, when fitted on the laptop, the rectangle wraps around the entire bottom half of the laptop. Using a mattress stitch, sew the rectangle in half along the edges to make the pocket for the keyboard.

Designed for technology fans everywhere, this scarf/hood provides you with a private environment for your computer, cell phone or even gaming console.

-a laptop computer, pda, or other electronic device. Knit in the round until the hood is long enough to comfortably reach the face when sitting in a natural.

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Hooded Cowl Scarf with Red Heart - How To Knit a Scarf with a Hood - Net Knitting18.04.2008  · They’re supposed to be a fun commentary on how attached and concentrated on technology we are, and to highlight the lack of movement that happens when we’re engrossed in our laptops, keyboards, PDAs, etc. the one pictured above is for privacy, warmth, and concentration in public spaces while using a laptop.

Apr 12, 2018. Becky Stern's Compubody sock is a satirical knitted hood that lets users immerse themselves in their computer work.

Mar 29, 2013. Knit this laptop "Compubody" sock if you desire privacy in public. The Compubody sock is a commentary on our attachment to our computers.

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